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I understand life in all its forms as advanced technology that extends far beyond our bodies and the physical forms of our environment. In the spaces that hum with imprint and vibration in and between all things, much moves, much is stored, and much interaction occurs. It is in these spaces that I find my work.

Why is tending to things we cannot always see important to our lives here on Earth? Just like we cannot see a text message whirling through the air before it appears on the screen of our phone, we cannot always see the energetic extensions of ourselves and the world around us that are interacting with us and sending us messages, constantly. But make no mistake, just like the text message is invisible until it hits a receptacle in our phones that can give us a visual, what occurs in the unseen often shows up in the physical. Cleaning and tuning up our energetic reality helps keep our physical reality running smoothly as well.

To care for our man-made technology we might give a car a tune up, say yes to an app upgrade, recharge a tired battery, or free up space in an email account to see the important messages more clearly. We can practice hygiene and encourage healthy processing in the unseen aspects of our being as well. When I perform intuitive energy maintenance what I’m working to do is observe and offer subtle suggestions and adjustments to the unseen fields that surround form. When movement and change occur in the unseen, tangible shifts in physical experience often follow.

  • 1 Hour Session $60

  • Package of 5 Sessions - $275

  • Ask me about the PacificRose Reiki Box ($5-10 for the month)


As a child I was lucky enough to be sent outside to play at every opportunity. The long days year after year I spent bored and finding things to do among the trees and garden of my childhood backyard, and exploring the forest, pond, and stream near our family cabin, gave me the gift of a deep experiential grounding in the natural world. I had frequent heart to hearts with one birch tree in particular, and came to know mint as a fragrant backyard companion and tasty tea. But most of all I remember the feeling of things — the ways plants, animals, people, spaces, and even things, seemed to be communicating without saying anything. As happens for many, I gradually became more involved with the modern world and main stream culture, and started forgetting about the information and support always available in the subtle yet powerful world of energy all around me.

In 2011 I left my professional dance career in Chicago. Though the dance world was the only career path I had ever known, years of physically demanding, highly competitive work had taken a toll on my health and spirit. Looking around me I saw many others, from many walks of life, also struggling with competitive stress, body image issues, and burnout.

I moved back home to Buffalo, humbled and uncertain of where my life was headed, but knowing I needed to heal and was ready to find a new path. It was during this time I experienced my first Reiki session with the woman who would become my teacher. This first taste of Reiki brought the beautiful and nuanced world of energy back into my awareness. It was my first deliberate step on the path of metaphysical exploration that has inspired and enhanced my life ever since.

I spent 2 years training in Reiki, first with the Mudita Spirit School based in Ojai, California, and then with Megan Callahan. I received the master symbols from Megan in the spring of 2017. Two years later, almost to the day, I began training in Psychic Meditation at the Portland Psychic School.

My background is in Reiki, but when I step into the role of healer I bring all that I am and all in my experience. As one ancient tradition advises, breathe in everything without exclusion. Then exhale all of yourself without exception, without holding anything back. There may be something out there that is useful to you that you’d never expect, and you may have the perfect gift for someone in a part of yourself that you’d seek to keep hidden. I look forward to sharing with you!



Megan Callahan
May-August 2017

Reiki 1 & 2
Mudita Spirit School
January - June 2015

Psychic Meditation
Portland Psychic School
May 2019

Reiki Linneage

Sensei Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Mrs. Hawayo Takata – Phyllis Lei Furumoto – Carol Farmer – Leah Smith – William Rand – Allisone Eaton – Megan Callahan — Vyana Marie



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